Saying goodbye to Tompkins Weekly


This will be my final edition as the Managing Editor of Tompkins Weekly. This job has brought me joy, and has challenged me immensely. I am proud of the work that I have produced and the journalistic integrity that the paper maintains, but it’s time to move on.

Now more than ever communities need to invest and support their local news outlets. We’re here to represent you, but we can’t do that without you. Here in Tompkins County I have found so many passionate people who constantly reminded me why I do this job. Citizens of this area are engaged, educated, active, and responsive. You care deeply about your communities. It has been a privilege to hear your stories and share them with my readers.

I encourage all of you to keep in touch with your local media. Let them know about the issues that you care about and the exceptional people putting in the work. I promise you, if you care about it, we want to know about it.

I want to thank every last person who has helped put out Tompkins Weekly every week for the past 18 months. Thank you to everyone who picks up the paper or shares a story online. Thank you to everyone who has ever dropped me a note, called the office, or sent me an email to let me know about something they wanted to get coverage for. Thank you to everyone who has ever sent me a correction, a question, or even a frustrated response. You are engaged and you make me a better reporter because of it. Thank you to everyone who has granted me interviews, sent me photos, or connected me to sources. Thank you to my wonderful freelancers and everyone who contributed to the paper. Your contributions meant more than you can ever imagine. To all of these people, and more, thank you. I truly couldn’t have done it without your help.

Stay engaged. Keep questioning your elected officials (trust me, they love it!). Participate in your local democratic system. Run for office. Volunteer with your local charities and non-profits. Organize stuff and be really loud. Demand more. Demand better. And please (please, please please!), inform your local news outlet about all of it.

To my fellow local reporters, I know what you are up against. Please know that what you do matters.

Sincerely, Jamie Swinnerton


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