Snug Planet finds positive partnership with Nexamp


Snug Planet, a local company that assesses home energy efficiency, has found a partner with similar interests and goals in Nexamp, a solar energy company that recently opened its first New York State community solar farm in Newfield. For several months the companies have been working together to not only make local homes more energy efficient but by spreading the word about what the other does.

For Snug Planet, the idea of teaming up with a local solar company is not new. Elisabeth Harrod, co-owner of Snug Planet, said the company had made attempts to create partnerships in the past but for some reason, they just kept falling through.

“Our missions just really align,” Harrod said. “They’re awesome people who have very similar goals to ours. They made it easy to partner with. I knew it would be so good for our customers.”

“We’ve loved working with Snug,” said Kelsey Fiori, Community and Channel Manager for Nexamp. “Their whole team is really committed and hardworking and passionate not just about energy efficiency but, we’ve learned, also about getting the word out about community solar.”

For over 10 years Snug Planet’s mission has been to make homes more energy efficient. Recently, the company has been recommending to their applicable customers to use a technology called air source heat pumps, which allows a house to use electricity to cool and heat a home. But instead of using natural gas, oil, or propane, Snug Planet recommends using solar energy. For homes that don’t have the capacity to put solar panels on their property because zoning might not allow it, they might rent the property, the property might be too shady, or a number of other reasons, the answer might be community solar projects like the Nexamp project that recently held its ribbon-cutting ceremony in Newfield.

“Once you switch over to electrified heating and cooling, then you’ll want to generate your electricity using solar energy,” said Harrod. “Nexamp is just the perfect partner because they make it easy to do the switch.”

In large part, this partnership consists of Snug Planet letting their customers know that they support and trust Nexamp and the local community solar project that the company recently opened when talking about installing a heating and cooling system that runs on electricity. Snug Planet is committed to spreading the community solar message.

“I repeat the Nexamp message from the very first time you reach out to Snug Planet, over the phone or email,” Harrod said. “There’s links to make this change in my signature, so every time I send someone an email.”

There’s no denying these two companies have a shared mission.

“We recognized a shared commitment to making sure residents have the opportunity to both live more sustainably and take control of their electricity costs at the same time,” Fiori said of working with Snug Planet.

For Nexamp, the benefits of the partnership have a lot to do with Snug Planet’s local reputation. Many area residents have trusted Snug Planet to help them not only become more energy efficient but also save money through that efficiency.

“It really helps to have this local partner as we build out our team and our presence in the area, that people trust,” Fiori said.

On Monday, Oct. 29. Nexamp and local officials and business leaders cut the ribbon on the 7.5-megawatt project in Newfield. It is Nexamp’s first solar project in New York State and of the 700 subscribers that the project can handle, around 30 percent will be Newfield residents. At the community solar field ribbon cutting, Zaid Ashai, Nexamp CEO, told the crowd that the project would be a 35 to 40-year investment in the community.

“The way that we’re going to create change is driven by consumers,” Ashai said, speaking to the need, and growth, of solar. “We don’t need to wait for political leaders to tell us what to do with energy. If consumers demand something, that’s going to drive a lot more change.”

Fiori said that Nexamp has already received customer inquiries who were referred to the solar company from Snug Planet. Together, Snug Planet and Nexamp have reached out to local community groups looking for more connections and opportunities, using the name-recognition of Snug Planet and its reputation.


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